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Curated by Fashionfarmfoundation, Mint Studio is excited to share that we have led graduates to a whole new platform, the CHINA (GUANGZHOU) INTERNATIONAL FASHION INDUSTRY CONFERENCE 2023. A magnificent showcase featuring the works of 6 talented SFT alumni offered attendees a remarkable and unforgettable experience.

Date: 28 DEC 2023
Venue: Haixinsha Xingguang Boulevard, Guangzhou
Involved Alumni: Ms. Mandy Fong / Ms.Daphne Cheng / Ms. Kristen Leung / Ms.Hana Li / Ms. Joey Choi / Ms. Lisa Tang

This show marked an important milestone for our fashion talents, shedding light on emerging designers and their exceptional creativity while showcasing the growing potential within the fashion industry.

This rare experience not only celebrated the alumni’s achievements but also underscored the collective impact of their combined creative force, leaving a lasting impression on all those in attendance and the entire GBA fashion industry.

Congratulations to our alumni once again! We look forward to seeing more inspiring and high-quality works from our alumni in the near future.

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